Boys’ Tales: the most successful Dutch homo books in decades


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Paperback €15 (ePUB €9.95)

The three volumes of ‘Boys’ Tales’ are enjoying reprint after reprint. These homo-erotic stories, in the new genre of ‘literary porn’, have become incredibly popular in the shortest time, thanks to their pointed, playful style, their sparkling humour, but above all… thanks to their scorching sexual energy. The books can be purchased either as paperback or ePUB in every bookshop in the Netherlands and Belgium, for example at bol.comVrolijk and ‘t Verschil, but are also available from my own webshop (I’ll sign your paperback).


New: Postcard ‘Fadaytoeka Rohi’

Jongenssprookjes postcard (06-10-2015)kleinA big international postcard publisher made a postcard of the photograph ‘Fadaytoeka Rohi’, that I made together with Robert Sompolski. It can be ordered by postcard shops all over the world. In Amsterdam it is for sale at Gays & Gadgets, The Bronx, gay bookshop Vrolijk and Pink Point.

And of course in my webshop, for € 1 (€ 3 for a set of five copies).


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The Amsterdam Tinkerbells

Paperback €4.95 (English only, 64 pages)

ePUB €3.45 (English or Dutch)

ePUB available at i-Tunes and Google Play, and in my webshop.

In 2015, the author of the most successful Dutch homo books in decades has welcomed the foreign visitors to the Amsterdam Gay Pride with an erotic LGBT tale: ‘The Amsterdam Tinkerbells’.

 Fifteen-year-old Fabian is on his way from New York to Düsseldorf with his father. When one of the passengers becomes ill, the aircraft has to land in Amsterdam, a city under the spell of the imminent Gay Pride. Together with the handsome blond doctor Rodric and the flamboyant Brazilian Rafaela, they decide to postpone their journey to Düsseldorf and instead to throw themselves into the festivities.

Fabian is bursting with excitement, for the next day is his sixteenth birthday. Not just any age, but… the age of consent! He is counting down the hours to midnight. But before that happens, he and his fellow travellers are in for a number of juicy surprises…

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With reusable sticker for temporary censorship whenever needed!





Unique gift for my fans:Black Pete porn… Afbeelding cover Het warenhuis WEB 275x395px

For the fans of my work, I have a special ‘Black Pete’ offer: whoever orders products in my webshop to the value of €30 or more will receive a free copy of the book ‘The Department Store’… a Black Pete boys’ tale! This is by no means a crumb from the writer’s desk, but one of my very best stories. This book has only been published as paperback (64 pages) and not as ePUB and… it is not for sale! Read more about ‘Boys’ Tales Volume 3′ 

‘You would think that, at a certain moment, all words will have been used to describe “the deed”, but Kollen’s literary arsenal is not easily depleted: his vocabulary seems inexhaustible.’ 

‘In his stories, Kollen makes use of more than just long preambles to sexual release: he fills them with his opinion about the world around us. Perhaps that is what he means by “autobiographic”. For me, those sort of quotes make Boys’ Tales Volume 3 extra exciting: hardcore pornography, with an elegant pen. I enjoyed myself!’  Read the complete review on

About Volumes 1 and 2 of ‘Boys’ Tales’:  

‘Kollen succeeds in fascinating and surprising and the pleasure he has in writing gushes from the paper. The content is decidedly direct, and occasionally boundless. Elements of power, sadomasochism and forbidden lust predominate.’ – Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie (Magazine for Sexuology)

‘Not for the squeamish! Kollen writes rough, gruesome stories, with a deliciously sordid fantasy. I’m really looking forward to Volume 3.’ –

‘Fable-like and at the same time super erotic. Eric Kollen writes well.’ – Hedy d’Ancona, former Dutch minister of Culture

‘I was laughing out loud even though my prick was rock-hard. Extremely clever if you can achieve that! These stories are top class.’ – GJ Wielinga, author and ex-porn star

‘The breath-taking stories in “Boys’ Tales” are full of fantasy, tingle with pleasure and are timeless. Mind blowing.’ – L’HOMO

From readers’ e-mails

This is the finest homo book I’ve read in years: moving, exciting, innovative – Wow… a real turn-on! – It is brilliant – I’ve read a lot of homo books, but this towers above the rest – Incredible. Delicious and horny – Provocative, exciting, extremely erotic and also courageous – Brilliant – I’m out of breath. Intense text, but good! – I don’t often blush, but I did here – Really incredibly good – I’ve never read anything as horny as this – The tension, but also your fluent writing style makes this book a page-turner for me – Super – Haven’t read such a good book in ages. In a word: wonderful – It really turned me on and made me horny –  A world opens up to you, filled with unbelievably exciting sex – These boys’ tales are extraordinarily stimulating, both between your legs and between your ears – You write fantastically well! Beautiful literature – Staggering – A homo pornographic literary book of this calibre is, I believe, unique – This rather elderly, movement incapacitated man discovered that there’s still some life in him even now…! – You have a great gift for story-telling! And so exciting… – Can I subscribe for Volumes 2 to 9? – For years I’ve been seeing a sexologist for erection problems, but when I read your book, they completely vanished. My sexologist was delighted! (This resulted in the review in the Magazine for Sexuology, see cover.) – I read it in one go from cover to cover and that night I came four times.